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C++ Standard Airline IT Object Library
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Users Guide

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The StdAir library contains classes for airline business management. This document does not cover all the aspects of the StdAir library. It does however explain the most important things you need to know in order to start using StdAir.

Get Started

Get the StdAir library

Build the StdAir project

To run the configuration script the first time, go to the top directory (where the StdAir package has been un-packed), and issue either of the following two commands, depending on whether the StdAir project has been checked out from the Subversion repository or downloaded as a tar-ball package from the Sourceforge Web site:

  • ./
  • ./configure

Build and Run the Tests

Install the StdAir Project (Binaries, Documentation)

Exploring the Predefined BOM Tree

StdAir predefines a BOM (Business Object Model) tree specific to the airline IT arena.

Airline Distribution BOM Tree

Airline Network BOM Tree

Airline Inventory BOM Tree

Airline Inventory Marketing BOM Tree

Airline Inventory Operating BOM Tree

Extending the BOM Tree